About Sake Portal site

sake-portal用プロフィールThis site is managed by a Licensed Sake Taster(Kikisake-shi) yours truly, Michihiro Sakurai .

The reason for the creation of this website can be pinned down largely on my goal of sharing the enticing charm of Japanese sake all over the world and to carry out the help of its spread.

I am not only just a Kikisake-shi but had also been a Senior Member of Tea Ceremony Association.
In many tea ceremonies, Japanese sake is given of the prime role as a welcoming drink of hospitality to guests.
However, I felt some of the Masters of tea ceremony themselves, do not pay appropriate attention to sake. In other words, even such people (tea ceremony masters) whom are missionary of Japanese culture do not know much about Japanese Sake.

As regards to that, I therefore decided to make people understand  Sake more suitably.

In order to generalize exact information about Sake, I can offer you the following services:

1. The lecture about Japanese Sake.
2. The event about Japanese Sake, such as a sake tasting.
3. Recomendations about serving Japanese Sake.
4. Recomendations of suitable sake in accordance with various situations.

If  you are in any way interested in “Sake”, do not hesitate to contact me.