Alcoholic Addition

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Although there are some persons who deny adding distilled alcohol to sake without argument, I at least am the position of accepting according to the purpose.

When internationalization is considered, of course, it is a fact that there is criticism of treating the sake which is added alcohol same as a Junmaishu(純米酒 brewed by only rice and rice-koji).

Althoug I think such a argument have to be considered carefully, we need to also understand the meanings of alcoholic addition exactly.

The purposes of adding distilled alcohol;

1) Preservation from decay

It is said that the adding of alcohol is based on experience in which some sake breweries were suffered from being totally destroyed under the influence of various bacteria.
It is said that alcoholic addition was performed in order to cope with such a situation, and to control various bacteria.

2) Aroma adjustment

Small amount of alcoholic addition is very effective to obtain a fruity aroma like especially an apple, a banana, or a melon, and many breweries have added alcohol for this purpose.

This is why most of sakes which are desplayed and evaluated in the National Bureau’s Research Institute of Brewing(全国新酒鑑評会) are with alcoholic addition and it is said that Jyunmaishu(純米酒 brewed by only rice and rice-koji)is difficult to be awarded because of this reason.

For example, Dewazakura Oka Ginjyo(出羽桜 桜花 吟醸) is famous for its very enticing fruity aroma among sake fans and I also like this sake very much.


Dewazakura Oka Ginjyo is also added by distilled alcohol.

I do not generally regard the alcoholic addition improper way of brewing as far as it’s conducted for the reason of 1) and 2).

The problem is 3)

3) Cost reduction

Distilled alcohol is frequently added in order to cut brewing cost.
Many people deny alcoholic addition for this reason.

Did you understand saying that the talk is not simple?


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