Japanese sake breweries

Since there are 1,000 or more sake-brewery, it is difficult to introduce all.
Then, I introduce focusing on the brewery  which I have especially visited or is brewing extraordinarily impressive sake.
Therefore the number to introduce will increase rapidly from now on .


キンシ正宗    Kinshi masamune

Kinshi Masamune  is a sake-brewery of Kyoto fushimi. They have been brewing the light flavored sake which backs up graceful Kyoryori(ie. superlative Japanese foods) and got greatest reliance from the long-established restaurants of Kyoryori.


喜楽長  Kita-shuzo

Kitashuzo is a sake brewery in shiga-prefecture.
The brand name “Kirakucho” is very famous among sake fans.
They are brewing clear and flavorful sake.


車多酒造ロゴ   Shata-shuzo


Shata-shuzo is widely known as  sake brewery who has been brewing the tastiest sake including typical Japanese taste called “UMAMI”.
Their brand name “Tengumai” is very famous and we can enjoy its harmony with Japanese dishes.


木下酒造ロゴ  Kinoshita-shuzo

Kinoshita-shuzo is a sake-brewery in Kyoto-Tango.
Their brand “Tanagawa” is very famous and their brewed sake with clear and fruity flavor is obtaining many fans.
They are also famous for British Toji(杜氏 chief sake brewer) Mr.Philip Harper.


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