I enjoyed home tavern.

I enjoyed sake at home with several small dishes like Japanese style tavern last night.


These small dished were cooked by me and my wife using foods I bought in a department store nearby my office.

Sake I had first was this.


Umenoyado Jyunmai-Ginjyo-shu(純米吟醸酒 Pure Rice Rich Aroma Sake) 梅乃宿純米吟醸酒紅梅

Although it was Jyunmai-Ginjyo-shu, there was seldom a Ginjyo-ka(吟醸香) the fruity aroma typically found in Ginjyo-shu.

I felt rather a bitter and slight acidity aroma of lactic acid.

The taste was mainly acidity with slight bitter.

When it was cooled firmly and had by a wineglass, I could enjoy very lucid taste with fresh bitter.

Since sake spreads in the inner part of a mouth immediately when it is taken by a wineglass, we feel mainly bitter taste by inner part of tongue which has more sence of taste sensitive to bitter more than sweet or acidity.

After drinking 梅乃宿, I tried another sake.


Shinkai Namazake No.7Yeast Yamahai-moto(Pure Rice Sake brewed by Yamahai Yeast) 神開生酒七號山廃酛 brewed by Fujimoto Bprewery

There was the acidity aroma of a fresh fruits like a lime or a pear, which we can frequently find in freshly pressed sake.

I felt a very slight sparkling first and after that fresh lime like acidity and a little bit heavy sweetness could be felt.

Sweet taste was slightly sticky and I felt it was heavy.

But anyway I could have a very good time in a home tavern.


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