Recommended sake restaurants

(in alphabetical order)

 吟醸貴族  Ginjyokizoku(吟醸貴族)

Ginjyokizoku  is a tavern in Osaka Showa-cho only adhering to Ginjyoshu(吟醸酒).
The owner who is a former French chef offers the unique dish suitable for sake.


花吹雪 Hanafubuki(花吹雪)

Hanafubuki is a small restaurant in Kyoto Fushimi which offers Kyoryori(typical Japanese food in Kyoto) and sake by reasonable price.


蔵  Kura(蔵)

Kura is a restaurant near Nara station, who is adhering to local foods and local sake.
Since all the seat is single rooms,  you can probably relax very much.


IMG_2946 Meiji-ya(明治屋)

Meidi-ya is what is called a typical popular Jananese style tavern in Osaka Abeno.
Since it is very popular, it is difficult to find a vacant seat.


嵯こう Sakou(瑳こう)

Sakou is a casual Japanese restaurant in Osaka Honmachi who is offering tasteful Japanese dish on adhering tableware with abundant kinds of sake.


酒肆山吹 Yamabuki(山吹)

Yamabuki is a Japanese restaurant in Osaka Kitashinchi.
You can enjoy the harmony of the sake and the Japanese-style dish which were selected carefully at a comparatively reasonable price.


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