Tateyama(立山), A sake that never betrays your expectation

Honestly speaking I have not been satisfied by some sakes that I took recently.

And today I had this sake “Tateyama”(立山).

I love every type of sake under the brand name “Tateyama(立山)”, which was proved by today’s sake.

立山無濾過特別純米生原酒, I think it’s difficult for many people to understand the meaning of this long name.

However I think that the enticing aroma and flavor of this sake are surely understood by every people.


Rice polishing ratio 55%
Alcohol percentage 18-19%
Color Bright golden yellow


Acidity and bitter like Japanese citrus

However you can also feel fresh sweet aroma after swallow.

You can enjoy comfortable sweetness like fruit after a nuance of lucid acidity and bitterness.


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