What is Ginjyo-shu?

Ginjyo-shu(吟醸酒 Rich Aroma Sake) is a premium sake with very fruity rich aroma called “Ginjyo-ka(吟醸香 Rich Aroma)” like banana, apple or melon which is caused by Isoamyl acetate and Ethyl caproate.

It is brewed by special method and yeast using the rice polished to 60% or less.


There are 2 types in this category.

One is Ginjyo-shu consisting of Ginjyo-shu(吟醸酒 Rich Aroma Sake) and Dai-Ginjyo-shu(大吟醸酒 Very Rich Aroma Sake).

In this type, distilled alcohol is added before pressing Moromi(The mixture of the liquid and solid which are made through fermentation process) into Sake(liquid) and lees(solid).

By adding distilled alcohol, rich aroma “Ginjyo-ka” can be effectively moved into Sake.

The other is Jyunmai-ginjo-shu consisting of Jyunmai-Ginjyo-shu(純米吟醸酒 Pure Rice Rich Aroma Sake) and Jyunmai-Dai-Ginjyo-shu(純米大吟醸酒 Pure Rice Very Rich Aroma Sake).

In this type, the sake is brewed with only rice and rice koji(rice onto which koji-mold has been cultivated) and has comparatively mild aroma and flavor.



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